Oh so exciting news!

Since we were meeting for the Ziggurat Workshop with the wonderful Åsa Tricosa last year I was dreaming of a longer knitting retreat with Åsa. Her Ziggurat technique is amazing – and having a long weekend with plenty of time to learn and practice this felt just right. Åsa is an excellent teacher – I found Ziggurating mind-twisting, but with Åsas help, my mind twisted very happily to knit the most beautiful garments. Plus, Åsa is the most funny and lovely person you could imagine!

So, I am super excited to announce the fabulous Ziggurat Knitting Retreat with Åsa Tricosa. The event will take place in late spring from the 10th-13th May 2018 in a luxurious former train station which is now a retreat center in the Taunus. The location is close to Frankfurt Airport, making it very accessible also for internation guests.

The workshops will be held in English. All information about the retreat details and registration will be available on this website soon. If you would like to be notified once registration opens, please register for the newsletter at the bottom of this page. If you need any help in doing this as our website currently is only available in German, please let me know via Email and I am more than happy to help!

I can’t wait until we are ziggurating again and I hope you will join us for this adventure!